European Association of Fitness, Aerobics and Sports

Mission and Education

The European Association of Fitness, Aerobics, and Sports (EAFAS®) is an organization created with the aim of improving the users' life quality of fitness centers through the regular practice of physical activity, safely and effectively.

Since the European Fitness Authority, EAFAS® aims to defend the precepts of society against possible ineffective products, programs and trends belonging to the Fitness industry, through educational programs, and research available to everyone.

EAFAS® also proposes standardized continuing educational programs aimed at training, updating and recycling the knowledge of professionals in the world of Fitness.

Thanks to its innovative training programs, its teaching quality, and a powerful research and development department, EAFAS® offers its students the possibility of acquiring the knowledge and necessary skills to become authentic professionals in this sector.

We work towards excellence in education, pursuing the goal of providing each of our instructors with the necessary support to become authentic industry professionals. Once you have obtained any of our degrees, we invite our students to continue attending the same training for free, during the first two years from the date of its completion, with the sole purpose of providing access to updates, to new contents and sector innovations, which we check and renew periodically in all our courses.

Courses & Seminars

EAFAS® offers to our affiliates a range of courses and seminars related to the fitness sector...


The European Register of Fitness and Exercise Practitioners (ERFPS®) is an independent database...


360º SPORTFIT is an online publication for professionals in the sector, where to share experiences,...

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