What is ERFPS®?

The European Register of Fitness and Exercise Practitioners (ERFPS®) is an independent database created to bring together in one place all the instructors, trainers and European professionals working in the sports sector, from physical exercise, health, and leisure. The inclusion in ERFPS® of a professional profile does not mean it complies with all the requirements demanded by the registration until such qualifications or certifications of the professional applicant have not been verified by their rigorous processes of validity and authenticity.

Thanks to these processes, ERFPS® certifies that the professionals in the registry, have their qualifications verified, comply with the prescribed minimum standards of good practice, are qualified and can offer their services to consumers, employers and to everyone interested in the search for trained and trusted coaches and professionals.

ERFPS® is regulated by the EAFAS regulation board (European Association of Fitness, Aerobics, and Sport), within a European framework of qualifications that describe the knowledge, skills and professional competencies required to sports professionals who want to be in the registry.


Each student or instructor will have a platform (profile) in the official ERFPS® website in which they can describe their professional experience, training, upload a presentation video, pictures of their experiences or activities, their class schedules or request references to companies and clients in relation to their services, etc.

Participate in one of EAFAS® courses or any of its training centers or affiliated companies, will entitle all participants, to the FREE registration to ERFPS® and to the automatic recognition of the degrees issued by EAFAS® or with its institutional endorsement.

European Register of Fitness Professionals and Physical Exercise
European Register of Fitness Professionals and Physical Exercise


ERFPS® is a public registry and anyone interested can consult it if they want to find or hire qualified professionals.

Any company can access a search engine in the website, sort their search by the type of training they want, professional level and province and even publish their own job offer for FREE or contact directly the chosen professional.

In addition, students who wish to receive job offers, can configure in their control panel and receive offers in real time in their email. ERFPS® is an exceptional tool for those who wish to improve their professional situation, or simply, have a virtual showcase to publicize their experience or the services offered. It will also be useful for companies since they will have a reliable database to go to in search of trained professionals and above all, qualified.


Thanks to ERFPS®, EAFAS® affiliated training centers or academies will have an account from which they can manage, publish and publicize their training actions, manage and contact the profiles that request information about them, search and access dozens of profiles subscribed to our portal, create offers and discount coupons addressed to our users, create job offers and download the lists of applicants.

In addition, from their control panel in ERFPS®, they will have the possibility of generating automatically the prestigious ERFPS® accreditation certificates, in addition to the official EAFAS® diploma, for all the participants of their training courses.

In this way, their training activities will not only have the recognition of EAFAS®, but also a prestigious endorsement at an international level such as ERFPS®. In addition, all your students will enjoy free of charge all the advantages of a Premium subscription to the portal for 3 months.

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